About This Site

This site was founded nearly a decade ago - way back in 2008 right as the subprime housing led recession crashed the global economy - to offer free tools which help people figure out their mortgage payments. Sometimes purchasing a home is a wise investment which adds stability to family life while locking in living expenses, but people who get over-leveraged and buy the peak of a market may regret the decision for years to come.

Home Prices.

We offer some simple & fast at-a-glance tools to help people get a quick idea of their core mortgage payments, but our most popular page on the site is our advanced calculator which lets people see the full cost of ownership inclusive of PMI, HOA, insurance and other costs of ownership. We also offer a widely used extra payment calculator so people can see how much interest they will save using extra payments along with how quickly they'll be able to pay their house off.

We try to keep up with the changing market by adjusting our tool to match regulation shifts. For example, once President Trump signed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 we updated the tax benefits calculator to reflect the new mortgage interest deduction limit shift.

Over the past decade we have redesigned the site a couple times to make it look more modern and work well across mobile devices using responsive design. This site began as a useful, informational website & was originally built on MortgageCalculators.info. After the third or fourth redesign we also felt it made sense to upgrade our domain name, so we acquired the .com version of our domain name, as that extension is the most popular and most widely recognized global top level domain. Most popular web services like Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, Google & Neflix use .com domain names.



This site is delivered over HTTPS using a security certificate to protect your privacy. Our web hosting company, Dreamhost, automatically updates the Let's Encrypt security certificates periodically.


This site syndicates mortgage rate information from Bankrate. Bankrate may receive compensation when people click on these listings. When Bankrate is compensated, they share a portion of any compensation received with our website. The Bankrate privacy policy is published online if you would like to read it & learn more about their policies.

We do not carry any other ads on our website and have no interest in joining affiliate programs or showing distracting traditional banner ads. The relentless rise of ad blockers shows most people don't like that stuff & we don't either.

If we ever work with any other networks, this page will be promptly updated to reflect any other such commercial arrangements.

This site does not get enough traffic to justify selling ads directly and we think the Bankrate partnership creates a clean user experience where the ads ultimately improve the utility of the site for our users.


We have web analytics installed across the site to help us locate any problems users are having with the site and to improve the site based on user feedback. Our primary web analytics tool is Clicky, though we also have an on-site analytics program to augment & verify their reports.

If you have any suggestions for further improving our site, please send an email to feedback @ our domain and we will promptly incorporate your advice and ideas to further improve the site.